ELPECAST - Encapsulants bicomponent resins 'casting compounds'; conformal coatings. Opaque, transparent for electronics, LED optoelectronics and photovoltaics. Acrylics, polyurethane, silicones, epoxies. Solvent based, water based, VOC free, thin/thick film.

ELPECAST® Wepuran VU 4457 Series
Two-component opaque resin, various applications, economical and easy to use. General use
® Wepuran VT 3402 KK
High transparency for LED. Excellent weather and UV resistance, non-yellowing. Temperatures up to 85°C.
® Wepesil VT 3602 KK
Silicone based, organo-poly-siloxane. For high power LED. Thermal Class: 200. Resistant up to 200ºC.
® Wepuran VU 4443 and VU 4444
Absolutely opaque and black. Solvent-free. For encapsulating electrical components and assemblies. Provides excellent contrast for LEDs.
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