SEMARK-ZM - Repair BGA Rework, Dispensing robots, X-ray inspection

Independent control of the 3 heaters, hot air up/down + IR booster on bottom preheating
Prism for component alignment between ball-pads.
Temperature accuracy ± 3 ºC. Precision thermocouple K for automatic adjustment of PID parameters. Mounting accuracy ± 0.01 mm.
Easy to program. Instantaneous curve analysis function and temperature analysis on BGA.
PCB size Max: 410 × 370 mm. Min. 65 × 65 mm. BGA Max: 80 × 80 mm. Min. 2 × 2 mm
The 'show' system can display 7 temperature curves and the data of millions of groups for different components can be stored.
Fits all types of BGA nozzles, with 360° component rotation, easy to install and replace. With optional side inspection camera
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