SEAMARK - Repair BGA Rework, Dispensing robots, X-ray inspection

Dispenses with points, lines, faces, arcs, circles, continuous interpolation of irregular curves and four-axis joints.
Storage capacity 999 programmes.
Dispensing controller for stable fluid quantity, preventing leakage.
Automatic anti-curing function, prevents glue from solidifying and clogging the needle
Excellent 'teaching' function, supports advanced functions such as matrix expansion, graphic navigation, rotation, 3D, ellipse, insertion of common graphic libraries, group editing, etc.
2 Gigabyte capacity with high speed Mini SD card
Angle adjustment between the needle and the dispensing surface so that material can be applied to the inner and outer walls of the workpiece or to the vertical "L" space.
Drop size, dispensing speed, dispensing time and dispensing stop time can be parameterised.
Compatibility with PC and design software such as carved, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, logoshop, etc. Also with various file formats such as .NC, .AI, .DXF, .JPG, .BMP, scanners, etc.
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